The Keys to Developing Business Relationships — Free MP3

  • Your success in business—and in life—is directly proportional to your ability to develop relationships.
  • When you have a relationship with someone, they listen to you differently—and that gives you an edge.
  • Learn about the 3-step process to developing relationships with anyone—even those you don’t naturally connect with but are crucial to your success.
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A Weekly Blog by Jerry Acuff

What We Can Learn From Super Bowl 50: Words Still Matter

Super Bowl 50 was the third most watched show in TV history. But it’s over. All that hype, buildup and excitement that led to Sunday’s game has ended. Yet it’s still a topic of conversation. But instead of talking about the plays, or how great the defense was, or if this was Peyton Manning’s last game, there’s a lot of conversation about what happened after the game. Specifically, I’m referring to Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton’s post-game interview.

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  • Learn How to Ask Great Questions in 5 Minutes

    Our job as sales professionals is to get our customers to think. Asking great questions is the key. CEO Jerry Acuff shares how to ask great questions in this 5-minute recording. Click here to learn 3 things you can do starting today to ask more powerful questions.

  • CEO Jerry Acuff Recognized as 1 of 50 Best Salespeople of All Time!

    To be associated with Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, and Dale Carnegie is quite an honor. And when it is accompanied by being touted as 1 of the 50 best salespeople of all time—well that is definitely newsworthy. Click here to read about these diverse “sales experts” and how they’ve made a difference in the lives of others.


Customers Voice

“Without hesitation one of the best one-day (expand our possibilities) training sessions I have experienced in the Pharma industry.”

–Patrick Crichton, Regional Sales Manager, AstraZeneca

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Thinking Like a Customer

Thinking Like a Customer is a mindset, a philosophy, a selling approach. It goes beyond customer-centric selling to make a greater impact on sales.

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