The Keys to Developing Business Relationships — Free MP3

  • Your success in business—and in life—is directly proportional to your ability to develop relationships.
  • When you have a relationship with someone, they listen to you differently—and that gives you an edge.
  • Learn about the 3-step process to developing relationships with anyone—even those you don’t naturally connect with but are crucial to your success.
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My Point Exactly!

A Weekly Blog by Jerry Acuff

My Favorite Quotes on Leadership

When you’re the CEO of a company, you find yourself thinking a lot about leadership and what it takes to be a great leader. And if you happen to be in the consulting business, it’s not unusual for others to ask you for your insight about what it takes to be a great leader. Keep reading regardless of your title. Everyone is a leader. Someone or some group of people (large or small) probably look to you for guidance, advice, or direction. That makes all of us leaders—which is why you might want to read to my favorite quotes about leadership.

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In the News

Delta Point's Latest News
  • CEO Jerry Acuff Recognized as a Top 10 Sales Expert in the World-2015

    Congratulations to our CEO Jerry Acuff who has earned the distinction of being named 1 of the 10 top sales experts in the world for 2015! This accolade is one among many: Jerry has been featured on MSNBC and the ABC Radio Network as well as in many prominent publications such as The, Wall Street Journal on-line, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily and Fast Company. To learn more about this recent honor, access the Sales Guru website.

  • Delta Point Sales Manager Survey Reveals Surprising Results

    We just released the findings from our sales manager survey that reveals some surprising insights about how organizations can dramatically improve sales results—and how to overcome the barriers that have prevented them from doing so. Read the press release from Philadelphia Business Journal or access the executive summary: First Line Sales Managers: Unleash the Power


Customers Voice

“Without hesitation one of the best one-day (expand our possibilities) training sessions I have experienced in the Pharma industry.”

–Patrick Crichton, Regional Sales Manager, AstraZeneca

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Thinking Like a Customer

Thinking Like a Customer is a mindset, a philosophy, a selling approach. It goes beyond customer-centric selling to make a greater impact on sales.

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