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Delta Point periodically conducts research to gain insights about selling and sales excellence in the life sciences industry. The results and executive summaries published here serve to highlight important industry trends and raise thought-provoking questions about increasing sales effectiveness and issues concerning sales representatives, first line sales managers, senior leaders, and the culture of the organization.

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First Line Sales Managers: Unleash the Power [Executive Summary 2013]

Although the importance of the role of the sales manager is universally recognized, there are barriers that prevent organizations from optimizing this influential group. In their survey of first line sales managers, Delta Point goes to the source to dive deep to identify those obstacles which hinder sales managers from reaching their potential. Combining survey results with recent research, this white paper analyzes what organizations can do and should do to improve the effectiveness of first line sales managers, which by any objective measure, are the true lynchpins of the organization in terms of driving sales results.

Sales Managers Insights: Tabulated Responses [December 2012]

Going to the source is one of the more effective ways to learn about what is really needed to drive sales success. Universally recognized as the primary influencers of selling effectiveness and driving sales results, Delta Point conducted a survey of tenured, successful first line sales managers in an atmosphere of confidentiality to gain insight into how they execute their role. The survey results that are captured in this document reveal some surprising findings.

Leadership Survey of Sales Skills [2009]

This executive summary provides an analysis of insights gained form a survey of leaders in sales, marketing, and training from over 20 pharmaceutical companies, including 8 of the top 10 Pharma companies worldwide. Learn what they consider critical to developing sales excellence and driving sales results, including the often unrecognized skill of connecting with their customers by developing business relationships.

  • …I was talented but raw until I started working with you and reading your books. Thank you for giving me success in my life.

  • The physicians seem to be more willing to share information. When I ask in the ways you’ve suggested, I’m also able to get into a deeper conversation with the doctor, even the non-committal ones.

  • Today I wanted to share with you 6 rules that if followed, greatly increase the
    likelihood that you’ll achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

  • Since our work with Delta Point began, our sales have consistently increased despite significant competitive activity.

  • Since our work with Delta Point began, our sales have consistently increased despite significant competitive activity.

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Delta Point's Latest News
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    Sales Guru just released their list of the world’s top 30 sales professionals for 2016 and CEO Jerry Acuff has moved up to #8 in the list. Jerry sees it as a terrific achievement for our entire company.  Click here to read the entire list and learn why Jerry continues to make the list year after year.

  • CEO Jerry Acuff Recognized as 1 of 50 Best Salespeople of All Time!

    To be associated with Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, and Dale Carnegie is quite an honor. And when it is accompanied by being touted as 1 of the 50 best salespeople of all time—well that is definitely newsworthy. Click here to read about these diverse “sales experts” and how they’ve made a difference in the lives of others.


Customers Voice

“Without hesitation one of the best one-day (expand our possibilities) training sessions I have experienced in the Pharma industry.”

–Patrick Crichton, Regional Sales Manager, AstraZeneca

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Thinking Like a Customer

Thinking Like a Customer is a mindset, a philosophy, a selling approach. It goes beyond customer-centric selling to make a greater impact on sales.

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